Increasing the labour market relevance of VET provision and reducing skills mismatches and shortages in the new booming "Sharing Economy" sector.

The reports on the penetration of the sharing economy are available in updated version.

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The global report and the national and regional reports concerning the selected countries and regions referring to the situation in the sharing economy sector are available.


Reports were developed in the framework of the project “Sharing Skills” in order to understand the importance of sharing economy.


Some of the areas covered by the reports include:

  • Market Sectors of Sharing Economy with an example of companies (at least two) for every sector.
  • Determination of providers and users per market sector.
  • The profile or providers and the “normal” business model for participating into the “sharing economy” as a service provider.


More questions to be answered include:

  • Is sharing economy adding value to a state GDP?
  • Side-effects of sharing economy. How does the traditional market react towards the penetration of sharing economy? Are there areas of cooperation or is the conflict situation more tending?


The reports are available here:

The global report

The regional report – EU

The national report – Italy

The national report – Germany

The national report – Greece

The national report – Poland

The national report – Portugal

The national report – UK

The national report – USA


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