Increasing the labour market relevance of VET provision and reducing skills mismatches and shortages in the new booming "Sharing Economy" sector.

Reports and analysis about the sharing economy and comprehensive skill and knowledge Profile


As a result of the first phase of the project “Sharing Skills”, a Global Report was produced. The report concerns the penetration of the Sharing Economy and its importance and impacts in: Portugal, Greece, Poland, Germany, Italy, UK, as well as the in EU as a whole and the USA. There were three main conclusions retrieved from this study:

  • The definition, impact and potential of Sharing Economy isn’t well established;

  • Legal framework is not well adjusted to the current practice and there are existing gaps in public policies that aren’t addressed yet;

  • There are three new skills that should be developed: ICT/Digital Skills, Business Model Development and Costumer Relationship in order to understand the importance of sharing economy.

For the second phase of the project a “Occupational Standards Identification for Sharing Economy Practitioners; a Comprehensive Skill and Knowledge Profile Analysis” were developed. The analysis aims to present a gap of the skills and knowledge profile of a sharing economy practitioner after the implementation of a survey, interviews and focus groups. As a final result is to create the profile and standards, as to draft these specific characteristics of an individual at the sharing economy and map them down so as to understand the mismatches in between action and knowledge.

This document includes the results of the survey with some important notes and comments that leads to the gap analysis presentation.

Reports and analysis about the sharing economy and comprehensive skill and knowledge profile developed in the framework of the project “Sharing Skills” are available from the section DOCUMENTS.

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