Increasing the labour market relevance of VET provision and reducing skills mismatches and shortages in the new booming "Sharing Economy" sector.

FIR Annual Conference.


The Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics, Prague has been organizing annual conference dedicated to the discussion on the Czech Republic’s competitiveness and its future in the changing global environment since 2014.

This year (2017), FIR Annual Conference will focus on the new concepts of the Sharing Economy. Especially for a small and open economy, as the Czech Republic, the sharing economy is a tremendous challenge, which has potential to reshape whole sectors as well as single businesses. We believe, that the cooperation between academia business and policy-makers as well as establishing a forum for complex debate can help in identifying the ways how the Czech Republic can benefit from this phenomenon.

The FIR Annual Conference The Sharing Economy: Reality and Future will take place on October 4, 2017.