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Consultation on the collaborative economy in the tourism accommodation sector


The European Commission consulted citizens providing accommodation for short-term rental via collaborative platforms in the EU. The objective of the consultation was to better understand the development of the collaborative economy and its main features in the sector of short-term accommodation rental services.




Service providers were invited to respond to a series of questions, with the aim to gather their views on a range of issues related to the provision of collaborative economy tourism accommodation services. The main focus of the questionnaire was on the type of properties offered for rent, the income or other benefits generated by the short-term rental activities, the typical problems or difficulties encountered during the provision of services, the domestic regulatory framework applicable and the possible reasons for the termination of the service provision.


The online consultation took place during the period of 24 January to 14 March 2017. The online questionnaire was published using the European Commission’s online consultation tool1. The questionnaire, which consisted of 19 questions and was available in all EU languages, was anonymous, containing only some general data related to the service providers.


The present document summarizes the responses and provides a first overview of the outcome of the consultation. Responses given provide for an illustrative sample of the views expressed by service providers. The results of the consultation are not statistically representative of the target population.


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