Increasing the labour market relevance of VET provision and reducing skills mismatches and shortages in the new booming "Sharing Economy" sector.


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In this section we will publish documents and tools which will be worked out as the project intellectual outputs including:


  • Report on Sharing economy penetration – available since September 2016

The global report

The regional report – EU

The national report – Italy

The national report – Germany

The national report – Greece

The national report – Poland

The national report – Portugal

The national report – UK

The national report – USA

The summary of the global report in English, German, Greek, Italian, Polish and Portuguese.


  • Occupational Standards Identification for Sharing Economy Practitioners. A comprehensive Skill and Knowledge Profile Analysis – available since March 2017


The summary of the analysis in English, German, Greek, Italian, Polish and Portuguese.


  • Training Module for Sharing Economy Practitioners – available since July 2017



Module I –Defining Sharing Economy

Unit 1.1: Introduction to sharing economy

Unit 1.2: Familiarization with Sharing Economy Principles

Unit 1.3: Successful examples of sharing economy platforms

Learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge of the sharing economy concept, models revolution, threats, opportunities
  • Understanding of the economy built on trust, rethinking value of exchange, realizing what is notsharing economy
  • Knowledge and understanding of the sharing economy concept and possibility of knowledge transfer in the future and use of the case studies examined


Module II –soft skills needed for active participation in the Sharing Economy

Unit 2.1: What are “soft skills”?

Unit 2.2: How to improve my ICT skills?

Unit 2.3: How to improve my communication skills?

Unit 2.4: Necessity for seeking self-development

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding of the important skills for sharing economy
  • Knowledge of organizational management, enhancing organizational skills, ability to control and manage stress
  • Enhanced digital competences, ability to properly use of ICT tools
  • Knowledge on how to attract new customers, communication tricks, means to respond to a bad review
  • Understanding the importance of life-long learning for sharing economy


Module III –Entrepreneurial skills

Unit 3.1: Defining Entrepreneurial Skills

Unit 3.2: Learning to analyze Competitiveness

Unit 3.3: How to obtain an comparative advantage of your sharing product

Unit 3.4: How to promote you sharing product

Learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge of entrepreneurship concept, implementing strategic planning
  • Ability to understand the market rules in terms of competitiveness and use tools according to strategic development
  • Ability to understand the pros and cons of the sharing product and be able to promote the positive ones as a comparative advantage in relation to the competitors
  • Knowledge and ability of sharing project promotion


Module IV –Financial Management

Unit 4.1: what is financial management and what does it include?

Unit 4.2: Identification of basic concepts of finance

Unit 4.3: What is cash flow management and performance?

Unit 4.4: How to turn into a Pricing Policy Expert

Learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge of financial terms, definitions and standards to be taken into consideration
  • Ability to draft expectations, needs, capacities, decision processes and evaluation
  • Understanding of basic concepts of finance such as return of investment, behavioral finance, structure of interest rates and duration
  • Understand what a balance sheet illustrates, know how an income statement is put together, balance sheet, the income statement, the basic financial statements


Module V –Create an account in a sharing platform

Unit 5.1: Create an account in Airbnb

Unit 5.2: Create an account in Uber

Learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the platforms use, how a profile is created and empowered
  • Ability to apply in the platform relevant to the sharing product the principles of sharing economy, to use the soft skills correctly, to apply the entrepreneurial skills and financial management rules.


  • Webinar as an e-learning tool – available since October 2017


The training modules developed within the project “Sharing Skills” turned into video presentations as well and be communicated through a platform, custom made, for the sharing economy modules are available HERE


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